A program of the Physicians Association for Nutrition

About the Program

Nutrition for Families supports health professionals and families in the development and implementation of healthful plant-based diets from pregnancy through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. We pay particular attention to the first 1,000 days – pregnancy and the first two years of life.

Our expert team speaks to the safety of plant-based eating patterns during pregnancy and childhood, and how to ensure adequate nutrient intake for optimal growth and development. To assist healthcare providers and parents, we offer practical nutrition guidelines and other educational resources. We address the long-term health and wellness benefits of well-planned plant-forward diets for individuals and families. We also explore the benefits of plant-based eating patterns beyond human health, for the planet, and for all its inhabitants.

Nutrition for Families program resources that are currently in development include webinars and research papers for clinicians and educational videos and materials for families.

For Families

Support your family’s health with a plant-based diet

Nutrition for Families provides tools to help you:

  • Learn how to design a diet that supplies all of your needs during pregnancy and lactation
  • Gain confidence in putting together diets that support optimal growth and development throughout childhood
  • Learn how to balance vegetarian and vegan diets to meet nutrient needs
  • Discover ways to fine-tune plant-based diets, including strategies to promote healthful eating habits in children
  • Pick up tips that will save you time and money, and ways to make healthy eating a lifestyle
  • Get inspired by delicious, nutritious meals your family will want to try
  • Be part of the solution to reduce our impact on the planet with more sustainable food choices, and ways to decrease food waste

For Health Professionals

Help your patients make healthy food choices for optimal growth and development

Nutrition for Families provides evidence-based resources on plant-based diets to support you and your patients. Find out about:

  • The importance of nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life and beyond
  • Promoting positive health outcomes with plant-based diets from pre-conception to adulthood
  • Ensuring nutritional adequacy and optimal growth and development in children being raised on plant-based diets
  • Assessment and therapeutic options for key nutrients in plant-based diets
  • Appropriate supplementation for those eating predominately or exclusively plant-based
  • Resources to help support your patients’ dietary change for optimal health
  • The latest research supporting our evidence-based recommendations

Clinical Advisory Council

Luciana Baroni, MD


Brenda Davis, RD


Ronnie Hasson, RD


Niklas Oppenrieder, MD


Reshma Shah, MD, MPH

United States

Dagmar Struncova, PharmD

Czech Republic

Allan Kornberg, MD, FAAP

USA Medical & Executive Director

United States

Tami Turner, PhD, RD

Nutrition Director

United States

Carolin Wiedmann, MD

Medical Director, Pediatrics