The Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN) empowers health professionals, individuals and communities with evidence-based knowledge that whole food, plant-based nutrition promotes health and prevents and treats disease.

PAN USA is the U.S. office of PAN International and supports the organization’s development worldwide. Generating resources from multiple sources is critical to support PAN’s programs and capacity growth globally. Our focus is on developing relationships with new and existing supporters interested in funding health and diet change.

About PAN International

The Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN) is a global charity established in Germany in 2018 to serve as the international medical network implementing plant-based nutrition in healthcare. PAN’s mission is to eliminate diet-related deaths globally. By making nutrition a core part of healthcare and by engaging health professionals in efforts toward healthy and sustainable food environments, PAN is advancing food transformation needed to mitigate the global health crises of chronic disease, climate change and pandemic risk:

Nutrition and Individual Health

Noncommunicable diseases are the central crisis of modern healthcare. Heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases cause the majority of premature deaths. Poor nutrition is the leading risk factor for the development of these diseases.

Nutrition and Planetary Health

The effects of rising global temperature pose growing threats, including more frequent natural disasters, food and water scarcity, rising sea levels, and civil conflicts. Prioritizing plant-based nutrition is more sustainable for the planet, and critical for addressing the climate crisis.

Nutrition and Pandemic Risk

About 75% of emerging infectious diseases in humans are caused by zoonotic pathogens. Increased land use for animal agriculture is a key driver of disease, and acute zoonotic pandemic risk is rising. A shift toward plant-based diets significantly reduces these risks.

PAN Worldwide

Growing from its global headquarters in Germany, PAN has established national branches in countries around the world – including Israel, South Africa and across Europe – and is initiating programs in India and Brazil, as well as a collaboration in China.

PAN Academy

An engaging online learning platform, the PAN Academy offers free, on-demand educational courses and video lessons for medical students, physicians and healthcare professionals.