The Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) is the key food-based guidance report that heavily influences U.S. federal food and nutrition policy and funding. U.S. Congress mandates that the DGA be updated every five years. The first step in the process of creating the next guidelines is to conceptualize and formulate scientific questions and food modeling activities that will inform the DGA using scientific and evidence-based methods (e.g., systematic reviews).

PAN USA is proud to be involved in helping to shape these critical scientific questions that will ultimately lead to the DGA 2025-2030. We have submitted to the USDA our recommendations, questions, and concerns regarding the proposed scientific questions in efforts to increase food equity, safety, sustainability, and support for plant-rich dietary patterns.

A Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) 2025-2030 Advisory Committee, comprised of leading nutrition and health experts, will be charged with answering the questions formulated in the first step of the DGA process, and they will advise the USDA, which ultimately develops the DGA. Members of the committee are nominated by the public, including other scientists and organizations. Therefore, it is imperative that the Advisory Committee is well-rounded and includes members with expertise and experience in areas such as food policy, security, equity, dietary patterns, and other essential factors that influence diet and health.

PAN USA has reached out to nearly a dozen distinguished scientists to encourage and inquire about their intent to participate as a DGA Advisory Committee member (if ultimately selected) so that we may formally nominate them to the USDA. We also will formally suggest nominations to the DGA committee through several highly-regarded scientific organizations. Updates are forthcoming!

The White House Conference on Hunger, Health, and Nutrition, a conference that has not occurred in over 50 years, will be held in September 2022. The preparatory work leading up to the conference will “accelerate progress and drive significant change to end hunger, improve nutrition and physical activity, reduce diet-related disease, and close the disparities around them.” Stakeholders are invited to join bi-weekly conference calls and to submit formal suggestions to inform progress in five areas:

  • Improving food accessibility and affordability
  • Integrating nutrition and health(care)
  • Empowering consumers to make and have access to healthy choices
  • Support physical activity for all
  • Enhance nutrition and food security research

Learn more about the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health.

PAN USA is actively participating in voicing our recommendations, particularly around nutrition and healthcare and empowering consumers to make healthy choices, via conference calls with the White House and through formal written submissions. We are proud to be a part of the change we wish to see!

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